Illustrated Karma Sutra Positions Guide

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We have put together an easy to use Illustrated Karma Sutra Positions Guide. This is the only sex position guide you need to have in your marriage and love life. You will start experiencing the best sex you’ve ever had.

You’ve read all the other guides, but you find them difficult to understand without any pictures to guide you. We’ve got the solution for you. Detailed photos of each of the karma sutra positions.

After spending months compiling this kama sutra positions guide, we have developed the ultimate sex positions guide. It’s easy to use, and easy to understand. Each position comes with an color image that will show you exactly how the position must be done.

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We have put together 66 sex positions that are divided up into the following categories:

  • Easy Sex Positions
  • Missionary Sex Positions
  • Side Sex Positions
  • Woman on Top Sex Positions
  • Water Sex Positions
  • Tantric Sex Positions
  • Advanced Sex Positions
  • Great Sex Positions
  • Super Sexy Positions

For each of these karma sutra positions we’ve included the following:

  • Every position has it’s own full colored A4 sized page
  • Easy to following Instructions
  • A colored picture to show the position and how it must be done
  • An explanation why the position is a good position (all our positions are GOOD!)
  • A Special Hint on how to make the position an even better one

At the end of the book we’ve also got a handy index that shows you a list of all the karma sutra positions and on what page to find them. This will form an easy reference when you remember the name of a position, but cannot remember exactly how it was performed.
Sample of the Karma Sutra Positions Index

This guide includes:

  • 66 unique Karma Sutra Positions
  • Full colored pictures of each of the Sex Positions
  • Each Sex Position has got Instructions, The Reason why It’s a Good Position and a Special Hint to make it even more exciting
  • All Kama Sutra Positions are broken up into 9 Categories
  • Easy to use Index of all Sex Positions

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