Karma Sutra Positions

Whenever a couple are looking to take their sex lives to the next level, the first place they turn to is the ancient Karma Sutra positions.  The Karma Sutra positions is a guide for not just better and more satisfying sex, and it’s also about creating a bond with your partner beyond sex on a spiritual level.

The theory is that if enough care is taken and that both partners are equally interested in providing each other pleasure as much as receiving pleasure, that a blissful sprititual state can be reached through the mutual sexual satisfaction.  This can be provided by following the teaching of the Karma Sutra positions.

Cleaniness is a very important part about Karma Sutra positions.  The reason for this is that by being clean, both partners can enjoy each other without any distractions.  Therefore it is recommened that bathing or showering be incorporated into your sexual activities.  The best way of doing this is by encorporating it as part of your foreplay. 

Another important factor of the Kama Sutra positions is patience and sensuality.  These also play an important part in foreplay.  Being touched is one of the sensations humans crave more than all others, and when it comes to the Karma Sutra positions, slow and sensual touches are important.  Partners should communicate with each other what areas of their bodies are especially sensitive to erotic touch and each partner should concentrate and take note of those areas for future reference.

The Kama Sutra positions place a special meaning on the kiss, and if you think the only place you kiss during sex is on your partner’s lips, you better start educating yourself.  Kissing is for every place on your partner’s body.  Kiss anywhere you can think of, taking your time and caressing at the same time.  Allow your body to become a sexual object that only exists to please your partner.

With the Karma Sutra positions sex can become a spritual experience that can be enjoyed by both partners.  The Kama Sutra positions are a fantastic way to expand your views of your sex life and your spirituality at the same time. 

The Kama Sutra positions is truly an amazing creation, it combines the best of human nature with spirituality to create a deep and wonderful experience.

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